Sedgemoor Skittles

Thursday night skittles played in the Sedgemoor District

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Sedgmoor Skittles League 2015/2016

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If you are interested in joining our league then please contact Mr D Howells on 01458 252190 or send an email to

League Notices


Competitions have been suspendend this year due to limited teams entering. This will be discussed and possibly changed for next season.

About Our League

Sedgemoor Skittles games are played on a Thursday night with competitions played on a Monday night. There are currently 16 teams and 2 divisions which play at pubs across the Sedgemoor District. League games have a point system where you get a point for winning the hand and 8 points for winning the game over 7 hands. There are a total of 15 points to be won from a single game and beacuse you can pick up points from each hand it leads towards a more competitive and interesting match. Look at our Match Results page and League Table to see how our latest games played out.

Pictures of Trophies and old score cards will be added soon along with more details about the history of the Sedgemoor League...